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Partner with us in advancing Marriage Education and Enrichment in Israel and in English speaking Western countries. Strengthen a vital pillar of Jewish society. 

As our partner and an advocate for Marriage Education and enrichment, help inform and equip couples with essential relationship skills, aiming to strengthen marriages and reduce divorce rates. 

In a rapidly changing world, Marriage Education helps couples adapt to new challenges, fostering resilience in the face of life’s uncertainties.

Who can partner with us
in Marriage Education and Enrichment?

What’s it all about?

  • Marriage Education & Enrichment prepares and revitalizes a couple’s relationship in the present and for future years ahead. 
  • It is an investment which demonstrates commitment to the marriage and sends a message that marriage matters. 
  • It is a proactive measure, a preventative step. It’s not therapy. Just like you invest time and resources in training for your profession, Marriage Education prepares couples for a long-lasting marital relationship, rather than waiting for problems to arise.

Why do couples need Marriage Education and Enrichment?

  • Garners more respect for the institution of marriage
  • Demonstrates a commitment to collaborating & solving future challenges
  • Sends a message that marriage matters
  • Clarifies realistic expectations & shared values for mutual success
  • Maintains individuality while at the same time builds a strong partnership 
  • Helps couples learn of options if they need help later
  • Bridges transitions between life stages: Engagement-Wedding; Wedding-Married life; Newlyweds-Starting a family
  • Opens discussions on the expectations for marriage, roles & responsibilities 
  • Complements the standard and traditional taharat hamishpacha course
  • Enables a better understanding of personalities, family histories, and how they  can influence the relationship
  • Aims to lower the risk for marital distress or divorce
  • Identifies relationship weaknesses before problems develop or become entrenched
  • Builds a stronger bond to endure even the most challenging of times
  • Enhances family stability
  • Strengthens Jewish family values
  • Social cohesion and economic benefits

Marriage Education and Enrichment courses and activities:

  • Provide engaged and married couples with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to build and maintain a healthy and satisfying marriage.
  • Focus on enhancing communication and conflict resolution skills, better understanding their partner’s needs, and on many other practical aspects of maintaining a strong marital relationship
  • Extend beyond the basics of relationship skills. They include activities such as fun date nights, l’chaims, retreats or workshops to deepen the couple’s emotional intimacy, strengthen their connection, and promote personal and relationship growth.

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Yes, you can make a difference! 
It’s easier and less time-consuming than what you think.

👍 Tell a couple about a Marriage Education course and/or activity.

👍 Communicate the benefits of a course or program in a non-judgmental and open conversation.

👍 Encourage a friend or relative to invest in each other!

👍  Join our online or in-person events (especially for our Partners).

👍  Host or participate in a home gathering. Lead by example.

👍 Sponsor a workshop or program – Dedicate it in the name of a loved one.

👍  Pass it forward on your anniversary. Consider gifting a program or course to a couple.

👍 Be vocal on social media.

👍 Offer to babysit while they invest in their relationship.

We’re not asking for your money… 
We’re asking for your enthusiasm & participation!
We’re asking for your advocacy & collaboration!

Yes, you can make a difference! 
It's easier and less time-consuming than what you think.

We collaborate with organizations and programs who foster,
encourage and support the benefits of Marriage Education and Enrichment
to transform good marriages into great ones!

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“We had the pleasure of using ePREP and have enjoyed and benefited from it a lot.
The course is extremely well designed and delivered in an easy-to-grasp fashion.

The discussions helped us learn more about each other and ourselves.

Overall an invaluable course that we highly recommend to all couples who wish to improve or enrich their relationships.”

(Y and S)

“When we came across stressors related to marriage or to handling becoming new parents,
we felt that we had real and effective tools at our disposal.

Equally important, we felt the workshop helped to instill in us a strong belief that marriage is an amazing journey that is not without real work.

Yet, it’s through real work that marital bliss can be contained and sustained.”

(I-PREP workshop attendee)