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In 2017, for the first time in Israel’s history “Together in Happiness” spearheaded the “Historic” Knesset Seminar on Pre-Marriage Education.

At the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament), discussed at the highest levels, we introduced and highlighted the benefits and reasons for integrating Pre-marriage Education as a formal and potentially legal component of Israeli marriage, facilitating and preventing the rising number of divorces. The result being more resilient marriages, and equipping couples and individuals with the skills to navigate difficulties.  


Our goal was to raise awareness regarding pre-marriage education, demonstrate conclusively its cost and social benefits for Israeli society, and to gain support for legislation by the Knesset for subsidizing Pre-marriage Education. 

Featuring prominent MKs from across the Israeli political spectrum, Israeli & international experts, discussed the impact of family breakdown in our economy, our society and our future. 

The necessity for government involvement in educating the next generation of new couples was demonstrated by expert presentations. However, to this date, there has not yet been governmental response to providing pre-marriage and newlywed Marriage Education.

Do you have connections with government officials? Are you in a position to speak up and make a difference?

Why is government advocacy and legislation for Marriage Education crucial?

  • Ensures that access to Marriage Education programs is available to all, regardless of socio-economic differences, religious or cultural backgrounds
  • Facilitates healthier and more resilient marriages, potentially reducing divorce rates in the community
  • Stable families lead to a more productive workforce and economic productivity. Thus reducing the social and economic burden on government resources, potentially leading to more efficient resource allocation
  • Improved health and overall well-being of individuals and families, potentially reducing healthcare costs (research is available)
  • Prevention of social issues, enhancing public safety, and creating a more secure environment
  • Enhanced social cohesion and reduced social strain 
  • Preservation and transmission of unique cultural and religious values within the community and constituency 
  • Stronger intergenerational family ties, positively impacting future generations

How can you advocate?

👍 Promote the concept and benefits of Marriage Education

👍  Subsidize Marriage Education courses, workshops or events

👍  Partner with us – Host Q&A sessions and Forums about Marriage Education

👍  Partner with us – Let’s create a joint workshop, event or Marriage Education program for couples and/or for the parents, thereby increasing awareness and enabling them to experience the benefits


Partner with us! 
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