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Looking for additional, creative ways to ensure a positive impact on your family and your legacy? 

Invest in the long-term success and happiness of your family!
You no doubt want the best for them, and for your children/grandchildren to have a happy and fulfilling marriage! 

As a parent/grandparent, you aspire to be a positive role model to your children/grandchildren when it comes to life experience, careers, as well as their marriage. If you come from the standpoint of a good experience, you want the same or better. And if, unfortunately, not, you definitely want better. While we are unfortunately not all in a position to be good and healthy role models, we are in a position to encourage the next generation to do even better. 

Marriage Education is not just about the relationship; it’s also about personal growth. It empowers your children as individuals, and to become better partners and parents.

Our courses and activities are designed to be engaging and enjoyable. Couples learn valuable skills in an informative and interactive way, making the process more appealing, and at the same time providing enhanced bonding and mutual growth.

Advocate for Marriage Education and Enrichment. Enhance your family’s economic well-being and financial stability with a happy and stable marriage, which will have an exponential effect in the years to come. Assist them without being intrusive!


Thank you so much for your time last night. It really helped in the context of the class and also in terms of the advice for everything we’ve got going on in our lives right now.”
(Workshop attendee)


Parents from many cultural or religious backgrounds, especially Jewish parents, often see marriage education as a way to reinforce cultural values and traditions within the context of a marriage and family life.

By equipping couples with tools to strengthen their relationships, and providing them with practical strategies for resolving conflicts, Marriage Education and Enrichment ensures a healthier & more harmonious family life.

Advocate NOW and encourage your children/grandchildren to engage in Marriage Education and Enrichment!

Partner with us! 
Yes, you can make a difference! 
It's easier and less time-consuming than what you think.

How can you advocate?

👍 Share personal stories. Pass on your years of wisdom to help the younger generation

👍 Tell a couple about a Marriage Education course and/or activity

👍 Respect the autonomy and independence of the couple, yet at the same time, let them know they have your support

👍 Encourage a friend or relative to invest in each other

👍 Recommend reputable resources

👍 Express genuine concern and interest in their lives

👍 Communicate the benefits of a course or program in a non-judgmental and open conversation, emphasizing  the positive outcomes and benefits

👍 Join our online or in-person events (especially for our Partners)

👍 Offer to attend together, as a positive family tradition

👍 Host or participate in a home gathering

👍 Lead by example – let them see you invest in your own marriage

👍 Sponsor a workshop or program – Dedicate it in the name of a loved one

👍 Pass it forward on your anniversary. Consider gifting a program or course to a couple

👍 Be vocal on social media

👍 Where relevant, link a Marriage Education course to religious or cultural values

👍 Offer to babysit while they invest in their relationship


We’re not asking for your money… 

We’re asking for your enthusiasm & participation!

We’re asking for your advocacy & collaboration!


Here’s why…

  • Gain tools needed for a strong and enduring partnership
  • Contribute to a legacy of a strong and lasting love within your family 
  • Pass down values of commitment and companionship through the generations
  • Help create a stable family environment
  • Foster strong family bonds that can withstand the test of time
  • With your wisdom & experience, be a guiding light for your younger couples 
  • Being a vocal advocate sets an example. It shows them the importance of continuous learning and investment in relationships
  • Help your young couples navigate contemporary challenges
  • Open communication and dialogue between generations. Share your experiences
  • Stable marriages contribute to economic stability & the financial well-being of your children, grandchildren and future generations
  • Help your couples adapt to the changing dynamics and challenges of modern society 
  • Build a stronger community. Stable families create a positive ripple effect that extends beyond your own household
  • Develop a deeper sense of companionship
  • A tangible way to show your continued commitment to the well-being of the family
  • Creates opportunities for meaningful conversations & sharing insights


“My husband and I attended the I-PREP class as the title of the topic was “Make a date to invest in your relationship”. We are always looking for ways to improve and we thought this lecture could help us to see even more clearly with one another. Well It did! Susan is great as she was able to be precise and clear and in such a short time gave us great tools to resolve some of the main issues that can bring disharmony between couples. The key is to LISTEN to what is being said without the emotional chatter that the mind is able to create!”