We go to school to learn how to read and write.
We take lessons to learn how to drive.

Our Relationships.

How to do it right?

Marriage Education
provides engaged and married couples
with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to build and maintain
a healthy, satisfying and great marriage, one of a true partnership,
which nurtures both partners.
Marriage Education and enriching your relationship is a mindset.
How a marriage turns out is not a matter of fate, but in large,
is a measure of the decisions & actions partners make & take every day
for years to come…

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Get to know Together in Happiness (B’Yachad B’Osher)

We are a resource center promoting awareness, recognition and advocacy of the critical importance and benefit of marriage education and enrichment at different stages of the life cycle for Jewish couples in Israel and English speaking countries. This includes marriage education and enrichment resources, courses and workshops. 

Partner with us in advancing marriage education

In Israel and in English speaking countries. As our partner and an advocate for marriage education, you can help equip couples with essential relationship skills, aiming to strengthen marriages and reduce divorce rates.


Discover programs and ideas that provide key relationship skills, where you’ll strengthen your communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving abilities.

Who can benefit from Marriage Education and Enrichment?

Everyone… including YOU… At different stages of your relationship!

What is it not?

Marriage Education is not counseling.
It is not therapy. It is preventive, positive & proactive.

The First International Conference on Marriage Education

Together in Happiness spearheaded the conference in Israel in 2011, which was the springboard for the organization’s long-term strategy to advance marriage education in Israel. Following this in 2017 was the 2nd International “Historic” Knesset Seminar on Pre-Marriage Education.


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Opening speech at Knesset Seminar on Pre-Marriage Education by Together in Happiness Founder Susan Barth in Nov 2017

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Opening speech at 1st International Conference on Marriage Education in Israel by Together in Happiness Founder Susan Barth in May 2011

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Keynote address presented by Dr. Howard Markman at Knesset Seminar on Pre-Marriage Education

Loving Ourselves and Our Partner:

 Self & Couple Awareness