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Marriage Education and Enrichment courses COMPLEMENT your already great, traditional premarital and “taharat hamishpacha” (laws of family purity) programs. 

Let’s collaborate! Let’s discuss how, together, we can enhance the overall preparation and support for newlywed and engaged couples.

Marriage Education complements traditional teachings by: 

  • Equipping couples with practical skills for a thriving marriage, which supplement Halachic knowledge acquired in Chatan and Kallah classes
  • Offering real-life application, which complements traditional teachings focused on principles. It provides couples with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of married life successfully
  • Enhancing communication skills, thereby enriching the teachings by offering practical strategies crucial for marital harmony
  • Building a strong foundation: Marriage Education complements traditional teachings by providing practical insights and skills to ensure a resilient and lasting marriage
  • Navigating challenges together, an essential aspect of marriage education. It supports traditional teachings by offering a roadmap for couples to face the inevitable ups and downs of married life
  • Creating a supportive community: It ensures that couples have access to ongoing resources and guidance beyond the initial teachings
  • Fulfilling mitzvot – the mitzvah of supporting and preserving the sanctity of marriage. It’s a practical expression of our commitment to Halachic principles in everyday life
  • Balancing Halachic principles and practical considerations, offering guidance on applying traditional teachings to the realities of modern life
  • Promoting lifelong learning, encouraging couples to continue growing and adapting, complementing the idea that learning is a continuous process
  • Addressing modern challenges that may not have been explicitly covered in traditional teachings, ensuring that couples are well-prepared for contemporary issues
  • Offering problem solving and conflict management approaches
  • Tailoring cultural sensitivity, ensuring that it aligns with the values and traditions of the community
  • Empowering couples as individuals within the context of their relationship, complementing traditional teachings by focusing on personal growth and self-awareness
  • Recognizing a holistic approach to marriage, and that successful marriages involve not only adherence to Halachic principles, but also the development of practical skills and insights


After going through this emotional, challenging and amazing journey I can say with much confidence that this course is extremely important and even essential for newly engaged and newly married couples. Avrami and I will, with G-d’s help, continue to integrate and use these tools in our marriage for the rest of our lives.”
(Tova F.)

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👍 Position Marriage Education as an integral part of wedding preparation

👍 Communicate the benefits of premarital education

👍 Incorporate education, by providing resources, tools, and exercises into sessions

👍 Customize communication to the specific needs & backgrounds of each couple

👍 Facilitate group discussions

👍 Utilize various learning modalities to cater to different learning styles and preferences

👍 Highlight positive role models

👍 Offer follow-up sessions

👍 Tell a couple about a Marriage Education course and/or activity

👍 Be vocal on social media

👍 Partner with us – Let’s create a joint seminar, event or Marriage Education program