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As an educator, professional and/or employer, you likely care about society, and may be involved in certain aspects of corporate social responsibility. 

You’re likely also familiar with research.

Research shows that Marriage Education contributes to the economic welfare of couples and their educational pursuits. It encourages couples to commit to marriages that preserve the health and welfare of the next generation.  

Strong personal relationships = Professional success. The effect is exponential! 

Collaborate with us to promote & support Marriage Education and Enrichment! You’ll contribute to the well-being of a couple, a family, the workplace, the economy, and will thereby aid the financial stability and resilience of more families and communities. 

Integrate Marriage Education and Enrichment into your employee, educational and corporate social programs. Promote the well-being of your employees, colleagues, students and the workplace.

Advocate and Partner with us!

Partner with us! 
Yes, you can make a difference! 
It's easier and less time-consuming than what you think.

Join our existing programs or we’ll bring a program to you! 

How can you advocate?

👍 Encourage the integration of Marriage Education into school or professional curricula, emphasizing communication, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence

👍 Advocate for the inclusion of marriage, relationship and wellness education and counseling in employee assistance programs

👍 Encourage a healthy work-life balance in the office

👍 Advocate for professional development opportunities

👍 Tell a couple about a Marriage Education course and/or activity

👍 Encourage a friend or relative to invest in each other

👍 Be vocal on social media

👍 Partner with us – Let’s create a joint seminar, event or Marriage Education program for your team


Here’s why…

  • Enhanced work-life balance & well-being
  • Increased productivity, behavior and focus 
  • Stable personal lives – better employee retention
  • Enhanced communication & conflict resolution skills
  • Healthier work environment – reduced workplace conflicts
  • Positive impact on colleagues/students
  • Financial well-being and stability
  • Reduced stress
  • Personal & professional growth
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Enhanced interpersonal and life skills
  • Leadership development
  • Elevates morale
  • Strengthened resilience
  • Positive office/school culture
  • Practical & emotional benefits
  • Enhanced academic performance (educators)
  • Enhanced employer/educator – family engagement


“Both of us are interested in personal growth work, psychology, emotional/ spiritual awareness, and it all comes out, so to speak, in marriage. While at the same time, the starry-eyed excitement of being newlyweds was still with us, we were also interested in obtaining down-to-earth, hands-on skills that are the bread and butter of building relationships.”
(Julia and Daniel)