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It strengthens the sacred bond between husband and wife,
promoting a harmonious family life.

It strengthens Shalom Bayit (Peace in the Home).

It preserves Jewish values.

Supporting Marriage Education aligns with the concept of Tikkun Olam. By strengthening marriages, we contribute to the repair of the world, creating healthier families and communities.

Marriage Education integrates Torah teachings with practical skills, offering a holistic approach to relationship building. It is a living expression of our commitment to applying Jewish wisdom in our everyday lives.”

Marriage Education programs can be designed to be culturally relevant, integrating Jewish traditions and rituals. It ensures that the content resonates with your congregants and aligns with your community’s values.

“This course made us more aware and attentive to all that we say and do within our relationship. It gave us both the confidence in one another that we care and want to actively improve our relationship instead of resting on our laurels. It taught us how to actively listen to our partners and converse in a healthy and unified manner. In addition, it made us conscious of exactly what we say, how we say it, and what it could mean about how we truly feel.”
(Avrami F.)

As a Community leader and role model to your congregation and followers, you can make a difference!

Advocating for Marriage Education is a way to preserve and promote Jewish values within our community. It reinforces the importance of family, commitment, and the sanctity of marriage. 

Advocate and collaborate with us to encourage couples to engage in Marriage Education! 

Here’s why…

  • Marriage Education integrates Torah wisdom with practical skills, empowering couples to apply Jewish teachings, values and spiritual growth into their everyday lives.
  • It is an investment in building resilient Jewish families. It equips couples with the tools to face modern challenges while staying true to our religious and cultural heritage
  • Fulfills Mitzvot (Commandments) by honoring and preserving the sanctity of marriage. It’s a practical expression of our commitment to Jewish commandments
  • Community building and a supportive network. Contributes to the overall well-being and strength of a vibrant and cohesive Jewish community
  • Contributes to the development of a family-centric community by reinforcing the idea that the strength of your community is deeply connected to the strength of your families
  • Helps couples navigate the complexities of intergenerational relationships within the Jewish community. It fosters understanding and respect, strengthening family ties
  • Provides couples with the skills to navigate challenges before they escalate, contributing to the overall stability of your community
  • Research indicates that Marriage Education reduces the likelihood of divorce. By endorsing these programs, we actively work towards preventing marital breakdowns and preserving the sanctity of the family unit
  • Promotes healthy, effective parenting, contributing to the well-being and stability of Jewish families
  • Mental and emotional well-being of more than one generation for learning and growth. It is a proactive measure to prevent intergenerational breakdowns within families.
  • Addresses contemporary modern challenges faced by Jewish couples by providing practical solutions, while remaining grounded in our religious teachings
  • Fosters open communication about relationships within the community, creating a synagogue culture of support and understanding, enriching the lives of your congregants

Partner with us! 
Yes, you can make a difference! 
It's easier and less time-consuming than what you think.

How can you advocate?

👍 Highlight scriptural relevance: Connect the teachings and wisdom found in Jewish scriptures to the principles taught in Marriage Education

👍  Incorporate messages about the significance of Marriage Education into sermons, discussions and in community events

👍  Create a supportive environment and encourage open conversations

👍  Celebrate milestones in marriage within your community, providing the opportunity to integrate educational messages

👍  Provide resources (readings and written materials) on Marriage Education to your community

👍  Support and encourage participation of engaged and newlywed couples in your congregation to take a premarital/newlywed Marriage Education course

👍  Enlist the support of influential community leaders to endorse and promote marriage education

👍  Offer financial support for Marriage Education programs

👍  Partner with us – Let’s create a joint workshop, event or Marriage Education program for couples and/or for the parents