Nurture your love,
build your future and invest in one of your most precious assets
each other – NOW!

Together in Happiness (B’Yachad B’Osher) creates an opportunity for you, a loving engaged or married couple, to grow your special and unique relationship by mutual bonding and education-oriented activities.

We focus on communication skills, conflict resolution, understanding your partner’s needs, and many other practical aspects of maintaining a strong marital relationship.

Elevate your good marriage
or start your marriage

By engaging in and discovering proactive communication skills and strategies, creating excitement, understanding and an unbreakable bond between you & your loved one. 

One of a true partnership, which nurtures both partners, transforming your relationship from GOOD to GREAT!

Treasure your relationship by dedicating time to grow and strengthen it.

Why wait for bumps in the road?

Participate in, and enjoy activities such as fun date nights, l’chaims, retreats or workshops to deepen your emotional intimacy as a couple, strengthen your connection, and promote personal and relationship growth.


Living in Israel?

Check out Marriage Education and Enrichment Courses & Events

Living outside Israel?

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Who can benefit from
Marriage Education and Enrichment?

Everyone… including YOU
At different stages of your relationship!

Our focus is primarily on:


(First Year)

and New Parents


What’s in it for YOU?


We collaborate with organizations and programs which foster, encourage and support the benefits of enhanced communication and skill development discovered in Marriage Education, to transform good marriages into great ones!

Build a GREAT relationship and marriage!