Israel - Prevention and Relationship Education Program

I-PREP teaches couples communication and problem solving skills. Long-term studies on past participants show they are now less likely  to get divorced and have significantly higher levels of marital satisfaction. 

PREP has yielded positive, long-term results and has now been adopted for Israel’s unique population – Introducing I-Prep.

This highly effective program was created by Professor Howard Markman and his associates at the University of Denver’s Center for Marital and Family Studies.

Professor Howard Markman has conducted in-depth research  on marital relationships with over 10,000 couples over 35 years. His research findings indicate that negative marital communication directly influences the success level of the couple’s children.   

PREP  is the premier most scientifically researched marriage education program. 


Together in Happiness  conducts I-PREP workshops throughout Israel to
improve marriage communication among couples in every stage of their relationship.

The I-PREP workshop goals:

Help partners to communicate and listen

Create patterns that will protect and preserve the positive connection

Establish a commitment to the relationship

engaged couples

I-PREP prepares engaged couples for different types of communication issues which will arise as they start their life together. By acknowledging and addressing  that disagreements will happen, couples can keep discussions from escalating to fights. 

I-PREP will go through a number of situations, examples and enactments with the engaged couple teaching them how to identify  and how to handle the situation

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Newly Weds

For the first 2 years of marriage most couples are in the “honeymoon” phase. Once this starts to wear off, couples start planning for the next phase and disagreements start. Whether purchasing a home, starting a family or a career change, couples find themselves in uncharted waters unsure of how to progress. This often leads to new conflicts or frustrating communications.

I-PREP will ease couples into the next stage of marriage.

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Married couples

Many married couples fall into unhealthy communication habits which then become the norm for their relationship. Some continue this way for years never acquiring the tools needed to fix their relationship. This creates more and more anger, animosity and hurt.

I-PREP provides couples with the ability to change. Through  proper marriage education married couples  can nurture and repair their relationship.

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New Parents

Welcoming a baby into your family is an exciting time filled with  new situations for you and your spouse. Sleep deprivation and a new schedule can make  it difficult to communicate in a deep and loving fashion. These are normal and expected occurrences which can be handled and overcome with proper marriage education.

By establishing real channels of communication you and your spouse can focus more energy on your baby.

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