1. Attend a marriage education workshop
  2. Rent a venue and catering
  3. Hire a photographer/videographer
  4. Make a list of important photos
  5. Hire a band or DJ
  6. Make a list of songs
  7. Hire an event coordinator
  8. Rent, buy or borrow a wedding dress
  9. Buy wedding ring(s)
  10. Hire hair and makeup artist
  11. Find a rabbi
  12. Obtain a ketubah
  13. Choose an MC for the chuppah
  14. Assign sheva brachot under chuppah and at end of wedding
  15. Order invitations
  16. Send invitations
  17. Collect RSVPs
  18. Organize seating chart
  19. See a doctor for genetic testing
  20. Learn the laws of family purity