Landmark Study “The Case for Marriage Education” Provides A Proven Response to Israel’s Social Family Crisis

First-ever comprehensive review of the topic advocates for
national funding of efforts to educate couples

This is the first-ever comprehensive report tackling the social crisis head on with data addressing the economic and social crisis from the escalating divorce, over one million impoverished children and single parenthood in Israel.  The report is authored by the organization’s founder and director, Susan Barth.  

 The 45-page report reflects considerable research providing analysis of the scope of the problem in Israel today with experts concluding that in addition to the deep emotional toll it takes on the couple and their children, divorce costs the Israeli economy hundreds of millions of shekels in legal fees and lost productivity.  The report also highlights that single-parent families are far more likely to slip into poverty and remain there than traditional family units. 

 Marriage education, which has becoming increasingly popular in the United States, consists of a variety of curricula to teach couples the characteristics of a healthy relationship and communication and conflict management skills that will equip them to maintain it. Together in Happiness, has been advocating on behalf of couples for over a decade and has proven that many who would serve to benefit from the educational approach are either unaware of its existence or lack the financial resources to dedicate to these training.  The report therefore calls for Knesset members and ministers to join in promoting legislation that would provide financial backing for these approaches.

“Every indication is that from a basic fiscal standpoint, investing in proven tools to reduce the divorce rate deserves to be a national priority because it will benefit us from both social and budgetary standpoints,” Mrs. Barth says.  “This is a problem which can be addressed if we think strategically and give couples the best tools for healthy marriages. Israel has the chance to be an international leader in this field, and join countries such as United States, United Kingdom and Australia which have made significant monetary investments in this field. If we make the smart choices it will benefit us and our children for generations to come”

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 ‘The Case For Marriage Education’
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