in memory of

In Memory Of

Feigel bat Tuvia Nisan and Esir ben Avraham Benyamin  were married for 52 fulfilling years. Their dedication, understanding and a pureness of heart  to each other
was a constant example to their children, especially Susan. 

Growing up in a home with parents who listened to understand and not to just respond, impacted Susan so greatly that when her parents passed away it was an obvious decision to honor their memory by sharing their influential teachings.

Despite physical challenges in their older years, the support that they gave each other was inspirational. They advised couples to find ways to grow together and deal with adversity with a positive outlook. Together in Happiness is a fitting tribute to the attributes of this modest couple.  Their home was an open house of hospitality and their kindness endeared them to all  who crossed their paths.

On the anniversary of their 25th year of marriage
 they wrote the following notes to each other

Dearest Florence,
Just a few lines to express my deepest love and sincere appreciation for the wonderful 25 years we have spent together, and your kindness and affection to me and the children during this period.
You have been great.


Dear Esir,
Although this is not a fancy greeting card, I still Love you very much. On our anniversary ,I know we share the same thoughts for each other and our love is the same.
Together with our wonderful children and grandchildren we can be proud to be married with continued togetherness.