Good Marriage, Good Life

Ask any little girl and boy if they want to get married and they will tell you that of course they will grow up and be part of a couple. But, even as adults, most of us can’t articulate why it’s so important to be happily married.

Good Marriage Good Life

At the Knesset meeting on pre-marriage education, Prof. Howard Markham referenced his extensive research findings documenting some of the benefits of a great marriage:

More Money

Happily married people have better work productivity and financial security. When one’s personal life is smooth and satisfying, one can concentrate on making a living. When resources are pooled, a couple has more financial security and less stress, which also makes it easier to focus on what needs to be done at work.

Mental Health

Married people are at a lower risk for mental health problems. Certain stressors and triggers can lead to mental health problems in people who are susceptible. Happily married people with lower stress levels may be able to avoid mental illness simply by being content.

Physical Health

Married couples are healthier and live longer than unmarried people. They are less stressed, are less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors and look out for each other’s health and well-being.

More Friends

Studies show that married people have more friends and are happier in general. Many couples have joint friends they hang out with, and spouses will encourage each other to spend time with their friends.

Better marriages lead to a better life in general. That’s why young couples should invest in their relationship early on to ensure that it continues to be loving, satisfying and fun. Marriage education is an excellent way to gain the skills and techniques that will protect a relationship and lead to a great marriage and a wonderful life!

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