Together In Happiness is altering the way we perceive marriage. Marriage is a life change on an enormous scale which requires preparedness beyond an intimate conversation with a mother, father, rabbi or kallah teacher. Marriage and its foundations have the ability to strengthen or rock the very core of our society from our collective happiness to our employment productivity. Through efforts at community levels to corporate and governmental echelons we have an obligation to ourselves and our children to provide tools and techniques to strengthen their chances of a successful marriage.

Community Level

Through conversation and publicity, we will remove the stigmatism associated with marriage education.

  • Educational workshops will be held in homes, in community centers, and in local Batei Knesset.

  • Rabbis, Rebbetzins, mentor couples will be offered education forums and workshop training opportunities to offer more intimate workshops to their congregants.

  • A representative upon request will make every effort to be available to speak about the importance of healthy marriage communication at challah bakes.

National Level

Through informational sessions, we will provide concrete evidence that it is in the governments’ and public medical insurance companies’ interest to provide legislature, funding and programming for marriage education.  

  • At Knesset Committee meetings, participants will be provided with research materials showing the positive benefits of marriage education.


  • Public medical insurance companies will be provided informational packets regarding the need for subsidized
    marriage education programs for enrollees.


  • A national media campaign will inform couples about this new movement.


  • National and international conferences will provide  leaders with the information and strategy  in which to open
    doors and change minds in the conversation on marriage education.

Annual International
Conference on marriage education

Together in Happiness held the first International Conference for Marriage Education in Israel in May, 2011, which brought together professionals and lay people who are interested in promoting  marriage education in Israel.

Our second conference took place in the Knesset on November 8, 2017.

“Saving Marriages with pre-marriage education. Saving Generations, Saving Israel Millions of Shekels”

The conference was held in conjunction with MK Yehudah Glick and featured MK Rachel Azaria. At the conference, Israeli and international experts and MK members discussed the impact of family breakdown on our economy, our society and our future, and how pre-marriage education is a cost effective solution.