5 Ways Marriage Education Will Change Your Life

Ariella and Shai dated for a year before they got engaged. They thought they knew everything about each other, but then they got married. They quickly discovered that dating was much easier than marriage.

Sound familiar?

Many young couples find themselves trying to figure it all out and playing it by ear. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Marriage education can make the transition to married couple much easier.

When Prof. Howard Markham spoke at the Knesset meeting about pre-marriage education, he referenced his extensive research findings documenting some of the ways that marriage education can make a huge difference.

Together in Happiness Knesset Conference

Here are the top 5:

#1 You’ll think and talk more about marriage

The more you know and think about marriage, the more likely you are to have a happy and satisfying relationship. In the same way that you talk about where to live and what band to hire for the wedding, you should be talking about expectations, roles and melding your lives smoothly. This will make the transition easier and help you continue that honeymoon phase for years to come.

#2 You’ll realize you’re not alone

When young couples get into conflicts over small or big things, they often think they are the only ones arguing about these things. They may start to worry that something is wrong with their relationship and might even consider divorce. But, of course, they aren’t alone. Every married couple has conflict, but the happy couples know how to communicate and put an end to conflict in a way that makes both sides happy.

#3 You’ll improve the quality of your relationship

Marriage education focuses on communication skills for conflict resolution and problem-solving. Disagreements over household chores, money, parenting, religion etc. can be solved with calm and respectful conversation. Marriage education workshops teach practical techniques for stopping fights before they escalate and for reaching compromises and/or decisions while maintaining your happy, loving relationship.

#4 You’ll find out what to do if you need help

At some point, you may find yourself at an impasse and not know how to handle an issue in your marriage. Marriage education will point you in the right direction, so you know where to turn for advice and assistance should the need arise.

#5 You will have a long-lasting and satisfying marriage

Studies show that couples who have engaged in marriage education have a lower risk of divorce (31% decrease!), improved relationship quality, better communication skills and are better at handling and resolving conflict.

Join an I-PREP marriage education workshop and improve the quality and longevity of your relationship!

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